Listen Online – Everywhere

Cosmic Country Radio is an online radio station. That means you can listen on our website (that’s where you are now). You can download our free app (coming soon!) or find us on the Tune In Radio or Live 365 apps. So, everywhere you have internet – you can stream Cosmic Country Radio! Entertainment radio was created to bring people together. In a world that’s so divided, can a little Minnesota internet radio station create community? We hope so.

Log on. Press play and chill with us.

Radio’s Past

The Golden Age of Radio is considered to be the time period between the 1920’s and 1950’s. Americans tuned in to radio for comedies, dramas, game shows, variety shows and music programming. Even after television became popular in the 1960’s, radio remained a staple in American lives. Countdown shows, live DJs and call-in programming all memories of simpler times.

(We’re looking at you mix tapes of the 80’s and 90’s).

The Future is Now

We fell in love with radio in our youths and have spent our entire careers in the industry. The internet, music apps, social media and unlimited on-demand entertainment has threatened radio’s place in people’s lives. So, we’re evolving. We’re bringing you radio where you are – online. Cosmic Country Radio is programmed locally – it’s cool, it’s fresh. It’s not a corporate playlist. The future of radio is actually a reconnection with the past.

A Cosmic Golden Age.

Welcome to the future.